1996 – Pt 1 ~ Glastonbury

Glastonbury Tor
Climbing Glastonbury Tor is worth it!
 Time flies when you’re living a full life, and it certainly took flight during the two years following my first trip abroad to Hungary. 1996 marked a decade of raising two young daughters, maintaining a household, and the lifestyle disciples of meditation, vegetarianism, studies in comparative religion and vocal performance. I was still reading as much as I could find on the Templars but there just wasn’t much available. I didn’t have Wikipedia or Google at my fingertips as I do today! Essentially, I had my nose to the grind, following the adage –
“Show up ~ Do the work ~ Let go of the results.” 
 I had learned from several previous surgeries that healing was not a straight line. Life experiences and outdated inculcations continued to weigh heavily on my self worth, yet I was making progress, with discipline and perseverance.  My Hungarian encounter with the Templar history reminded me that the explorations of new worlds were beginning.
So, when the choir booked another trip, this time to England and Scotland to sing in several wonderful churches, I had my bags packed way early.  A friend & I  had a harebrained thought… to fly to England a few days early to visit Glastonbury. I had read about Glastonbury’s mystic heritage ~ of it’s legends of King Arthur, St. Patrick, Mary (mother of Jesus), her uncle Joseph of Arimathea and the infamous Gog and Magog.
Off we flew to southwestern England on another adventure. And again, I had no idea what to expect. Yet a mystic welcome awaited, along with the evidence of an alternate spiritual lineage which ran contrary to all that I had been taught throughout this life.
 There in Glastonbury was a reality that led inward – of  LOVE – OPTIMISM – BALANCE  and reflections the  Holy Trinity.
My friend and I lodged at the George & Pilgrim Inn, dating back to the 15th century.
VERY OLD and rife with hauntings…
 I still remember Glastonbury’s Chalice Well and the Tor, both places of pilgrimage, along with the abbey ruins, truly a deep heritage grounded in the land. It was here that I was first introduced to the sacred geometry of two intersecting circles and the symbol of the Vesica Piscis, , which is the representation the created material world.
Glastonbury, Chalice Well,
Chalice Well, Glastonbury UK
IMG_0229Legends were mystifying and too far beyond my personal experience for me to sink my teeth into at the time. I didn’t understand the symbolisms or the historical context of the events surrounding the enduring stories. But I filed them away when we joined the group for the tour to Wales and Ruthven castle, where I partook of my first rendition of a medieval style feast. And while the feast was fun, it was the encounter with the land and the stones of the walls and circles, of towers and trees that resonated with me most.
In Glastonbury I was introduced to the old Celtic ways. It a gentle awakening, which only in retrospect could I recognize as profound healing.  It was a brief taste of mystic that would linger and leave me wanting more.   To walk in the steps of those legendary figures opened gates in my imagination. Not of psychedelic New Age wanderings that Glastonbury is famous for, but of a grounded practical connection to history, not to mention a new found communion of earth and sky.
A few days later, I found myself on the train from London to Edinburgh… But that’s another story… to be continued!