Sedona’s Internal Landscapes

Anyone who has driven through  Sedona’s spectacular canyons and landscapes knows the glory of northern Arizona’s wilderness. But why do some of us keep returning again and again? Does it strike a chord like some etheric guitar string that calls us back? Or is it something more than a primal summons?

After all, the town of Sedona was a tiny outpost until recently, even though Walt Disney did model animations from it. Yep — Tourism is booming. But it’s more than the scenery… It’s the vibe of the internal landscape… The Hopi nation called this vast area their sacred mountains for good reason. They knew whereof they spoke and it had nothing to do with tourism.

Legends say that the Katsinas spent time in this mountains long before humans ever arrived. Geologists speculate that Sedona was once perched along the coastline of the original continent of Pangea.  While others claim that the valley surrounding Sedona sits on bedrock of quartz.

What of vortexes? not in this post… others do a better job of sorting out that subject than me!

What makes me smile though is the sparkle in the air – the effervescent quality of the plants and creatures who live there — and how the silver moonlight casts HD shadows – yes — moon shadows… and how the coyotes call across the valley or beneath our patio at anytime of the night.

Sure, the objective world matters; just get stuck in that holiday traffic and you know its real. But I’m talking about the feeling of being alive beyond the mundane… the feeling of gratitude for every breath of light-filled oxygen. Of course the expanded vistas help but they are merely the invitation to see beyond the visible.

Internal landscapes must certainly vary with each individual. But the point in common for us all is that each soul is part of a larger picture. Each of us is a creative piece of a universal puzzle of infinite pieces. Each piece matters (pun) and each piece BELONGS to the larger whole. We are part of creation as we co-create our experiences.

A visit to Sedona’s internal landscape reminds me of all these things… even as I write this post from Bee Cave, TX, And in the words of my friend Glenn, “all I need to do is just think of it and I am there” – feeling, thinking, imagination … it’s au natural!