A ‘Sedona Kind’ of Surprise


There is super hero strength in KINDNESS. An authentic smile or a wise grin can expand goodness in unexpected ways…. surprising ways!

Just imagine for a moment, that you are hiking along one of Sedona’s myriad trails. Perhaps the red canyon wall towers above as you step over rocks and tree roots. Cicadas are singing. Your boots are dusty red and your mouth is dry. Ravens fly overhead and the azure sky deepens with the growing afternoon shadows.

You are heading back to your vehicle after a satisfying trek and your water bottle is empty. A glint of something catches your eye on a low hanging alligator juniper branch just ahead. As you draw closer, a tiny splash of color refracts against the green background. What could it be?  You reach into the branch and remove a delicate keychain made of various colored crystal beads attached to a charm that says “Women of Sedona” on one side and “Take Me Home & Spread Kindness” on the flip side.
Are you serious? Not only has someone left a surprise for me out on the trail, but poured enough love into hand-making it, brimming with Kindness that I can share it with others?  The glimmer of the crystals reflect the warmth coming from he hearts of those who made the charm. What a brilliant idea!

You receive the charm and the kindness with gratitude, which warms your last few steps back to your car. Indeed, your heart has been expanded. The beads dance on your keychain as you drive back to your hotel, As you wash up for dinner, the notion of Sedona Kindness takes seed in your thoughts …through dinner and even into your dreams, where you ask yourself how to spread kindness when you return home from your holiday. Now THAT’S strength in small packaging!

Sedona Kind is a group of gloriously enthusiastic souls who put twinkle in project they tackle. It started with ladies who enjoyed making keychain charms and then dangling them from bushes or trees. This form of ‘gifting’ is spreading kindness across the world. You can visit their website or SedonaKind Sedona FB page   to learn more about their various endeavors!