The Elephant in the Room

The Great Ganesh ~ Remover of all Obstacles

What do you think of when someone says “There’s an elephant in the room”? What does it describe?  Is it the feeling that there is something left unsaid or that there is blockage in the conversation flow due to unresolved issues? Does it stop the flow of communication? Or more importantly, does it block the current of good will exchanged  between souls?

Of course, we seldom ever actually see a real elephant these days… Sadly, these majestic creatures are being confined more and more with each passing day.  Elephants have much to teach us about listening to life around us, devotion to family and bravery in the face of danger. They are vestiges of ancient times when nascent humanity was at their mammoth mercy. But there is one elephant that I welcome into my space anytime, any place.

But what does the symbol of the elephant bring? I am no expert in eastern philosophy, but Ganesh is a dear friend of mine. Ganesh, the remover of all obstacles, is a powerful symbol of how the Light works on our behalf. He is the embodiment of the power of knowledge, strength, wisdom and power over the darkness of ignorance. I like to think of him as the defensive linebacker, so to speak, protecting that part of me who aspires to spiritual awakening. Clearing the path often times involved destruction, and Ganesh is associated with that also.

Now, to put my Templar hat on, I can tell you that there is an elephant in the room when folks wonder why I am such a Templar enthusiast and love medieval history. What does Templar military crusades have to do with here and now? It’s pretty weird for a woman to be obsessed with studying Templar History! Well, the elephant can be found in chapels associated with Templar history. In my travels, I have come across elephant carvings in many buildings associated with the Templars, from Copenhagen to Lisbon.

Granted, they do not necessarily date back to actual evidence of Templars before the 1300’s. However, elephants are carved into sarcophagi of kings who sometimes associated with the Order of the Golden Fleece and the Garter, which some believe to be remnants of the Order of the Temple. And who better to help keep the pilgrim routes clear and safe than Ganesh? At any rate, I am grateful to Ganesh for clearing away the places where I might otherwise get stuck.