Paying Respect to Nature

Roses, L.S. Berthelsen, Simple pleasures, inner light
Natural Radiance

Of all the ways we can express gratitude, paying respect is among my favorite. To say, “The Light in me honors the Light in you,” is to acknowledge Divinity in all its manifestations… including the birds or the air and plants in the garden. Sometimes I begin my day with a short stroll around my yard; sometimes it’s in the evening. No matter the time of year, there is always comfort in connecting with the the trees and plant that share my space.

L.S. Berthelsen, foxtail ferns,

With natural areas being squeezed by humanity’s insatiable lust for resources, and diminished wilderness areas gasping for breath among climate changes, I feel that it is ever more important to cultivate awareness of nature in everyday life….to honor forms of life outside our backdoors; be it frogs, caterpillars, or whatever might cross our paths. Our gardens are, in a sense, an extension of our inner goodness, if we would but stop and notice. Let us not cut ourselves off from their vibrance, but commune with their healing beauty.

L.S.Berthelsen, Bougainvillea,
Paying respect to the Light in all things

Therefore, I dedicate this post to my radiant roses, lilies, bougainvillea, foxtail ferns, and the swan who graces us with his companionship. The Light in me honors the Light in my fellow earth-trekkers. For… if all I see is truly part of me, then it is also worthy of common dignity and respect.

L.S. Berthelsen, Swan, Nature, respect, honor
My Friend the Swan