The Squire

The Squire

An Excerpt from The Häling and the Scottish Templars 

A rising gibbous moon peered through thin veils of clouds in the indigo twilight sky. Sir Theobaud de Cherney, waited impatiently. For the first time, he realized the blood smeared across the breastplate of his leather armor, his blood and doubtless the blood of many less fortunate than himself.  Prior Eli brought him back to the present moment.“So, ye heard me asking the lad reasons for our delicate situation?”

“Aye, I’ll update ye in short.” Prior Eli pressed a bandage to Sir Theobald’s shoulder as the knight explained. “After the siege at Berwick last month, King John Balliol requested reinforcement from Temple forces against Edward’s invasion. Balantrodoch desired to respond, but the Seneschal felt it unwise to be observed in high profile.”

“Sir William de Douglas serves the Kingdom of the Scots as governor to the port of Berwick.  Ye also ken governor is cousin to Sir Iain. Edward’s forces took Sir William captive while defending Berwick’s fortress.  Sir Iain could not allow such defamation to his family, but he underestimated the risks. The seneschal, among others, were wounded. A sword slashed his thigh and grazed his horse’s shoulder. Now he rests in yer care, Prior Eli.”

“What of the lad? Is he not young to accompany such an elite force into battle?” Eli questioned.

“I ken little of that story; but Adam de Dalrymple is well educated by any standards for a strap of thirteen and serves as the seneschal’s personal secretary, as well as squire. I have heard that he is literate in Hebrew and Greek. His Norman French is impeccable. I have used his services in communications with my cousin, who serves under Grand Master de Molay himself!”