Kindness Rocks!

Sedona, AZ, Anasazi, pueblo, L.S. Berthelsen, Ruins,
Honanki Pueblo, near Sedona, AZ

Abigail Adams once said,

“To be good, and do good, is the whole duty of man comprised in a few words.”


So let’s talks KINDNESS… Kindness as a lifestyle… as a method of relaxation… Sedona Kindness and even conflict resolution! Kindness can start with a simple smile, a greeting, or even a hug. Even the person who doesn’t smile back needs your kindness, whether they know it or not. Kindness is more than a feeling. It is a constellation of empathy, emotion, thought, belief, attitude and (I would also add ) a level of spiritual maturity that creates a space to safely connect with one another.

Sedona Kind is changing our world… one act of KINDNESS… at a time. This organization is part of a movement that is generating goodness from the inside out ~ which is more lasting, authentic, cohesive AND powerful than any form of disruption imposed on the human condition. They are exploring the myriad expressions of Kindness and exhibiting how we also can improve our own communities through Kindness.

To seek out and acknowledge what we have in common is a skill set that is learned through instruction and example. Practicing Kindness, helps us explore shared experiences and discover points of mutual respect. Treating another with respect sets a tone where kindness can help build a relationship, be it social or professional.

Kindness deals in patient and long-lasting subtleties. It is soft in its touch and a great alternative to cruelty’s brash and impatient shortsightedness. Perhaps once we humans are finished exploring the limitations of our free will, we can see wisdom in taking the easier road home to each other.

What if we embraced what makes us unique instead of fearing it? What if we walked in another’s shoes? What if we were to be tactful in our conversations? What would that look like? I think it would look like KINDNESS.