Forest Wayside

When I drive west along Hwy 26 outside of Portland, I make sure to stop at a particular rest stop ( wayside.)  Car parked and locked, I walk across a bridge and take a short hike into another world of moss covered rainforest and nurse logs. As I still my mind, the trees come into sharper focus, as do the ferns and rocks.

forest, Oregon, L.S. Berthelsen, hiking, silence, meditation
Welcome to the forest, where the elements converge.

On my recent trip through that region, I stopped once again. It is as though the giant souls of the trees become ambassadors to humanity starved for Nature’s vitality, and we the weary travelers of a younger set. There was only a few yards between the hectic road to the vibrant trail. Was it the distance or my mindset? Could I merely shift my focus and be in that forest lusciousness once again, now that I am back in Texas?

I think so… for once I experience it’s grandeur, I surely can conjure those feelings again and imagine the peace and vibrance of that rainforest wayside.

You know… I could have sworn that those trees greetings me and that fairies were watching me grow happier in their presence. Yep…  the forest is alive and I am the better for it our short communion.

Moss, Oregon, Rainforest, forests, calm
Tangles of growth whisper “Greetings Friend”