Everyday Mystic

Being a mystic is a fairly solitary road and it’s sometimes difficult to find grounded support. Rob Bell is one of my favorite podcasters because he is authentic and gifted in reaching that solitary part of me that must navigate the rapids of goodness with discernment.

This week, I have been feeling more restless than usual; with centering being a challenge and impatience bubbling up in interesting ways.  Even after 25 years of centering practice, sorting through the layers of tensions in the zeitgeist can be difficult for the rational mind. This is where Rob Bell comes in. This morning in meditation I asked specifically for perspective, hoping for some kind of reset.

The answer came in a Robcast Part 3 of the Undernet… where he unpacks the unintended effects of living in a world with permeable boundaries and lack of privacy. There is no magic formula for blissful living. It is a dynamic of ebb and flow, tinkering and tweaking. Abundance requires maintenance!