Dancing the Light Ecliptic

Eclipses are intriguing; whether lunar, solar, or just plain overshadowing, we’ve got some intense vibes showering down on us this summer. Shake-ups and disruptions sometimes make for rocky changes. And yet,  the dynamics in the sky reminds us that nothing stays the same. The essence of the universe is in constant change; simultaneously living and dying.

But what if there is a third qualifying factor coexisting amidst those two extremes of the sun and the moon? And what if that third element is the sweet spot for living life to the max? I believe that the ever-present is that third condition, the stabilizing factor that works toward Balance of three fold equilibrium.

Eclipses take place between the sun and moon. But it takes the third factor to create the experience of  the shadow, with the third point being where I (or you!) stand on planet earth. Perspective is the creative process that gives personal meaning to the forces generated between the heavenly bodies, including human bodies :~)

Indeed, we are part of the dance. Indeed, we also shine!