Chöp the Warrior

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Chöp the Warrior

This summer, I just could not resist sharing joy of spirit. I have mentioned in the past that the Hopi have some things in common with the Templars. But I acknowledge that this is an ‘aside.’… for the pure joy of it.

Our newest addition to the family is Chöp, the Antelope Katsina (Kachina) recently  created by extremely talented Hopi sculptor, Bradford Kaye of Northern Arizona. He is carved from a single cottonwood root!

Not counting his glorious pronghorns, head feather and the base, he stands 22 inches tall. My limited understanding of this  elegant being is that he represents the hunter as provider. His power is used to sustain his people. The relationship between the hunter and the antelope is one of deep respect and partnership ~ of give and take ~Life and Death ~ gratitude and sacrifice.  Truly the epitome of masculine virtue…. Kinship between warrior and Nature.

Thank you Bradford Kaye for bringing blessings through your spiritual insights. Chöp is our new super hero!