Reset ~ Destin

There are times when the best remedy for the bustle of life is a ‘reset.’  And then, there are times when bucket list items meet that same need. Well recently, I spent my first weekend in Destin, which had been on my bucket list for some time. I felt tentative about booking a beach stay at the height of hurricane season along the Gulf Coast, but my husband assured me that it would work out… and it did!

We flew into Pensacola after dark, just hours after a tropical storm had blown through. Limbs were strewn on streets, power outages throughout neighborhoods. But we drove the empty roads to our resort destination, the newly built Henderson Salamander Resort.     As  I stepped out onto our balcony and into darkness, I could hear the ocean waves in the near distance and the crickets chirping in the natural area next door… Henderson State Park. There was a soft freshness lingering in the air from the storm that invited deep breathing and renewal of energy.

Now, I have spent time on many beaches in my life, and have enjoyed unique charms of delicious tropical paradises. But I do believe that the sugary sand at Destin is one of my favorites.



Under the shade of a lovely umbrella and lots of sun protection, I found my Zen. Above the clear waters, ospreys fished with razor talons, dolphins did back flips; turns dove beneath the wave, skimmers gulped fine krill and sanderlings combed for crabs ,and  squadrons of brown pelicans ran reconnaissance.

The nearby airbase displayed their own odd ducks of various configurations of helicopters, cargo and sea planes overhead. It was  highly entertaining and more authentic than the nightlife in town.

Destin, Florida, beaches, sand, LS. Berthelsen
Robber Fly – looks scary but harmless

A truly relaxing change of scenery, and yet close to a wild patch of coastal wilderness. Maybe that’s why we had a visitor for one of our meals…He was scary but harmless.

Taking relaxation to the next level, we swam in our hats and sunglasses and shirts for extended time, gently floating in the shallow sea. The salt water also possessed a gentle quality of softness that welcomed us with open arms. I am convinced this was why the dolphin did back flips! It was indeed glorious.

Of course, too much of a good thing can  harsh one’s mellow. So careful to not get too much sun and stay hydrated, we enjoyed the cool of the ac as well as the lovely resort property. But it was the creatures of nature that stole the show and reset my psyche to a fresh new channel. A short weekend in Destin was just what I needed and I hope to return again one day.