Wild Ride Down the Rabbit Hole

Pardon my radio silence since New Year, but life has been pretty busy with lots of practical projects and life events. Then to top it off, my writing has been intensely focused, getting ready to send a manuscript in to Lulu Publishing Services for the second book in my series of the Temple Chronicles. Book One, Häling and the Scottish Templars, was released three years ago. Since then, I have been writing writing writing Book Two.  After two rounds of beta readers and many rewrites, I am finally ready to jump down the publishing rabbit hole once again.

The past several months have been quite busy, and exciting to see the loose ends starting to come together. I have been sifting through my library of photos (still in process) and experimenting with various formats, filters and subjects, hoping to find just the right ‘look’ for both cover and illustrations.

The coming weeks will be filled with writing the marketing ‘teasers’ and author bio… questionnaires and formatting instructions. This is a job that calls for some meditation for calming the jitters! One major challenge I face is my muscle memory.  I am a loyal Mac user, but each manuscript must be adapted to Word, including all final edits and polish. Every time I move into Word, I feel like I am driving back-to-the-future. Fingers crossed that I will be able to flex into this process again.

I find myself feeling excited, and at the same time, freaking out from the myriads of reality checks and business decisions. It’s coming down to the wire to dot the first round to ‘i’s before sending the manuscript in for assessment and more edit recommendations.

Thank goodness for the Lulu Team and my support system! Also thanks to each one of you for keeping the flame alive.

More to come soon…