Buried in Popcorn

My posts have recently slowed drastically because I have been submerged in quantum popcorn. “What?” you might certainly ask, “the heck is she talking about?” My unorthodox metaphor is appropriate, however. Transformations are popping all around me, to the point I am wondering if the kernels inside myself and my environment are in a microwave oven, popping at light speed. They are certainly not taking their time on the stovetop any more.

So let’s back up and unpack this popcorn metaphor just a bit. You can substitute a mustard seed from the parable in the bible if that works best for you. But I relate more to popcorn, since it’s also a seed and visibly transforms under heat and pressure. Each soul is born to this earth with a huge bag of corn kernels, filled with potential to transform into its finest potential.

Now visualize how each individual, family, community, and nation all have their own thousands of kernels, mixing together in a large bowl, barrel, silo. The kernels are then mixed together. (Hermetics refer to this as the “Mixing bowl” filled with universal soup.) Each kernel is programed with its own time and place of activation to transform under the right conditions.  Our own kernels feel individual, but once the kernels enter the larger collective, they meld into the whole, ready to transform as individual experiences that share energy with nearby kernels.

So, such conditions have recently been unfolding in my environment, and I would argue that they are more wide spread than merely localized in my neighborhood.  The flashpoint of many situations, issues, conditions and opportunities are hitting their flash-points. Delayed decisions, attachments, unresolved issues,  action plans…. they seem to be ready for resolution. When the popping starts, it’s not just my kernels that must transform into yummy food for thought, but seemingly unrelated kernels also. The end goal is to have a bowl brimming with a tasty snack, even with kernels left unrealized sifting to the bottom. My bowl shares kernels with those around me. When they pop, my kernels are also affected.

From the individual perspective, it’s sometimes overwhelming to experience so much change in the environment, as family and community go through their own massive transitions. To be aware of so much happening simultaneously is taxing to the psyche. But that’s what quantum physics is… the experience of the collective through individual kernels. With this awareness, self care,  gentle persistence, quantum living will become easier to manage. We are stepping into the new norm! It’s just a matter of time before every kernel reaches its flash point and BOOM… we can share the delicious results.