Prologue Signs & Symbols

Signs and symbols abound in The Häling and the Scottish Templars and most of them are introduced early in the story. The prologue begins the saga with unconventional spiritual language. These recurrent mystic motifs impart their greetings in the first scene and hopefully will become companions as the challenges and adventures unfold. Once could even say that this story is a meditation upon the symbolic presence of spirit in fable form.

This is a book of  mystic allusions, a trove of symbols, correspondences and  imaginary portals which open doors to alternate perspectives. It is not magic, but the fruit of imaginative contemplation. So let’s take a gander at a few metaphors in the Prologue.

Headwaters – The point of origin of a river. Oftentimes this source is hidden underground; a vast wellspring of life and flows through subterranean regions before making itself accessible to those of us who tread on earth’s surface.

Underground Stream – A metaphor used in reference to  wisdom traditions that carry sacred knowledge and sacred objects that trace back to the beginning of time. It is often times hidden or concealed from mainstream society for the protection of all concerned ~ NOT because it are secret or elite, but because this information can be misunderstood by those who have not discovered their own internal sovereignty or mastered self governance.

Darkness ~ The symbol of darkness does not necessarily represent evil or ignorance but of concealment. The Haling prologue refers to the profound protection and hidden layers of teachings infused into the story.

Hermit ~ The Hermetic tradition of the Desert Fathers contemplative tradition were also known as keepers of the keys to natural law. Many lived alone in nature, exemplifying the mystic path.

Enoch – Name of Noah’s forefather who walked with God and achieved spiritual mastery. Apocryphal books of the old testament tell of Enoch’s experiences of heavenly revelations. His tradition is affiliated with Kabbalah, the mystic tradition of the Hebrews.

Panther – Animal companion to Enoch represents natural law governing our world of actions and its formidable power.

Waters – Emotions and sensory awareness – light in water is the seed of hope, glimmer of beauty in the shadows. Our emotions bridge help us bridge the gap between our physical and mental worlds.

Quicksilver – The liquid element of mercury  represents divine mind working in hidden ways for the good of all creation. Greek Hermes represents the messages carried between heaven and earth. All spiritual traditions express this phenomenon of intersection between heaven, earth and the underworld of the collective unconscious.

Blue Flame – The blue flame is often seen as that sacred eternal spark dwelling deep in all creation…  the soul, the bridge between individual expression of spirit and the Origin of All..

Wyvern – Symbolically the wyvern is part serpent, part avian – a composite of the five elements comprising the life force in five degrees of expression; earth, water, air, fire, aether.

Kalein  – A spiritual lineage of a most ancient order, who are born to protect higher learning ~  from Greek ekkalein “to call out.”  kalein “to call” c. 1300, “to call, call out; to ask or demand by virtue of right or authority,” from Old French clamer “to call, name, describe; claim; (compare Sanskrit usakala “cock,” literally “dawn-calling;” Latin calare “to announce solemnly, call out;” Middle Irish cailech “cock;” Greek kalein “to call.”  Represents the heritage that ceaselessly works for readying all souls to awaken to the sacredness of all creation.

Are you ready to wake up? Are you ready to enter the mystery?

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