Replacing One’s Window to the Soul

If you have ever had windows replaced in your abode, you know how may ways it can go wrong –awry — sideways, (everything from mis-calculations and broken seals to gaps and warps). Not only must the measurements for the window precisely match the dimensions of the exterior wall, but there’s very little room for error with installation. It is a job reserved for grounded, strong and smart  teamwork.

So, what if the window to the soul needs replacing? Crazy analogy, but that’s exactly what I think might be going on with a lot of us who are having our lives jumbled up these days… turned upside down with questioning the sanity of our top-down hierarchical institutions and abuses of patriarchal power.

So many long held tradition assumptions are being questioned, in crisis of faith and challenges of values. The old windows must be removed carefully if the entire structure is to remain strong enough to receive the new windows. If care is not taken, both old window and surrounding load bearing walls can be damaged beyond repair. Also, there is the exposure the surrounding rotted wood. It takes extra time to make right what has been long neglected. Out world as long neglected many things that are now being exposed to the light for transmutation. We dare not install a new window without rebuilding a stronger framework.

I don’t know about you, but I have my order placed for some clear new windows into a brighter view of our blessed earth and a kinder humanity. But I am finding that change is not coming fast enough. My old windows have not only been etched with years of buffering against storms of conflict, but cracked from taking hits of rough weather. The view to the outside is tinted sepia, distorting the newly created colors being ushered in on new rays of light.  The part of my old window that was rosy tinted with seeing others in false light will also be removed.

I know at some level that those new beams will shine through my new window with brilliance only known before to the enlightened ones. My new window will allow me to experience more of who I am meant to be, who I am becoming as one who desires peace for this planet as well as the universe.

My new window should arrive any time now. And after a day of installation chaos, I look forward to viewing the world more clearly and with more hope. Cuz, I am tired of looking through the mirror darkly. The eyes of the heart know that there is something better for all creation, but the physical eyes must rely on the brain to process the conflicting  incoming messages. I am ready for the eyes of the soul to reconcile the difference between the two!

The new window will be clear; no turning back to rose colored glasses or sepia  senses. My new paradigm will challenge me in unexpected ways, but it will be worth it. How about you? What do you expect to see through your new window?