The Temple Chronicles Continue

What would you do if you were faced with immediate evacuation of your loved ones to safety in the face of approaching harm? Be it wildfire, flood, aggression, or natural disaster? Those who live life, unaware or in fear, are either bound to the fates or rob themselves of many joys of living in the moment. And yet it is important to remain alert and have a plan for unexpected turns in the road. Such was the case in my series, The Temple Chronicles.

I write this blog post as I await the final phases before release of Voyage of the Templar Guardian… Just a few more days to go! And I am standing at the ready for my next leg of the Temple Chronicles journey, and fielding potential opportunities and challenges.

Time and time again throughout history, small groups of intrepid souls have ventured into the unknown in search of safety. And yet, those who weather both internal and external storms often find a new paradigm created by their own choices; forged in the fires of adversity. These tribulations build self reliance and self worth.

In The Häling and the Scottish Templars, the writing was on the wall for families across Scotland. English troops were marching north, living off the land, and ravaging as they conquered. Those who fought back were brutally ruined. In the first official battle of the Scottish wars of independence, the port of Berwick upon Tweed suffered the loss of estimated 12,000 souls, which corresponds to Berwick’s current population. Although the Scottish birthrates were on the upswing in the late 13th century, it is difficult to imagine such devastation.

The carnage was fast approaching  the Dalrymple clan and their estate in western Ayrshire. David and Judith de Dalrymple set about preparing for the worst, while remaining practical. Decisions were made quickly and in coordination with regional Templars to avoid casualties. They faced heart wrenching choices of whether to stay together in hiding, or to leave Scottish shores and risk foreign encounters.

The Häling and the Scottish Templars opens the saga with preparations for departure and gathering of priceless treasures. Voyage of the Templar Guardians catapults the Dalrymple family into self preservation mode and scatters their family to the furthest reaches of Templar suzerain.

The Häling story is one of coming of age for Hannah and Adam, as well as for the kingdom of Scotland, where sovereignty would be earned again and again. Nothing is given. No opportunity is without risk.

It is not so different for our modern times. While our daily world seems safe enough, it is far to easy to be lulled into complacency of giving our power over to religious and political institutions like Scotland did in the 13th century. Let us hope that we do not pay a similar price for complacency. Let us not assume that our leaders will  keep our best interests at heart while ransoming our liberty to authoritarians who whisper false promises in our ears.

The keynote is: to remain vigilant; think for one’s self and take nothing for granted.

The Temple Chronicles continue…

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