Mary Magdalene Blessings

The Feast Day of Mary Magdalene comes each year on July 22nd/23rd in the liturgical calendar, alongside the Feast of St. John the Baptist (June 22/23rd).  Medieval Templars  and the cistercians venerated this remarkable disciple of Christ, whose legacy is cloaked in subtle symbols due to the church’s distortion of her role in the passion narrative. But abasing the odds, her presence has persevered into the 21st century.

Many a cistercian abbey was dedicated to Mary Magdalene on July 22nd throughout medieval Europe.  So, it is only natural that July 22, 2019  be the day when Voyage of the Templar Guardians is released into the world! Yes, as of today, it becomes available from Lulu Publishing.  The legend of Mary Magdalene plays strongly in Book 2 of the Temple Chronicles, so I am thrilled to set this book to work after four years of creating and scores of rewrites. I hope it will you all like it!

You can get your copy of Voyage of Temple Guardians  HERE.

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Happy reading!