Voyage of the Templar Guardians Is Here!

It’s FINALLY HERE!!! Voyage of the Templar Guardians: Book Two of the Templar Chronicles is now available on Amazon.

Voyage of the Templar Guardians takes The Temple Chronicles  beyond Scottish shores into unfamiliar places lost to time in a continuation of the Haling and the Scottish Templars. Young Templar squire Adam and his sister, Hannah, must escape war-torn  Scotland along with priceless Häling treasures with a band of Templars and mysterious warriors. Their epic voyage presents challenges of navigating perilous circumstances from Edinburgh to Pisa, while also experiencing a voyage of inward discovery.

But unbeknownst to Adam and Hannah, Lord Lair Eagan and his Templar companions are grooming them for a destiny of service to humanity. But they must reach safety among the mystic Brethren of the Star before their rigorous training can begin.

Through it all, a celestial wyvern seeks earthly companions for her weans, who can cultivate celestial relationships in the midst of everyday life. While Adam’s and Hannah’s odyssey unfolds, their visions and dreams inspire exploration of regions beyond the grasp of historic fiction or even fantasy. This intricate narrative spans heights and depths of spiritual possibilities but ultimately rests in the human heart.

Just as the hidden unknown beckons us to grow beyond the boundaries of comfort, toward the self-responsibility that comes with spiritual maturity, so we are called to remember our true sovereign nature.  

The inward discoveries of the Voyage of the Templar Guardians navigate perilous circumstances, some of which transcend the mundane world.

Enter the mystery of this medieval voyage, inspired by historic people, places and events, in the decade before the fall of the Knights Templar.

If you are ready, 

you will find the courage…

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