Authentic Connections

When does a sunset take it’s place in the larger scheme of life? After all, it is but a series of fleeting moments cast upon the giant screen of none other than the horizon’s final hurrah of the day. The sun sets at the time of day when most of us are dog tired and barely peering outside our kitchen windows as we clean our kitchens. And yet they happen ever day, without fail. Some are more colorful than others, but each one provides an opportunity for reflection and authentic connection with Creator.

Like many of you, I am sure, my past few months have flown by at light speed, filled with many life changing events. As my winter transitioned into spring I found myself in the grief of’ letting go and releasing loved ones back into their heavenly homes. Then as the weather warmed, we welcomed a new granddaughter into our family with immeasurable joy!

Concurrently through it all, I was finalizing edits and cover polish for ‘Voyage of the Templar Guardians.’ Then, when I was focusing on being a grandma, the book was also born into this world! Finally, four years after ‘The Häling and the Scottish Templars’  came out, patient readers could now take the story further. (Thank you ALL for your patience.)

In previous posts, I gave the details of how to purchase my new creation, but I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you all know that every imagination is like this tangerine sunset… unique and worthy of sweet joy…. To allow the imagination to feel beauty and experience transcendence in fleeting moments is to find authentic connection to that part of ourselves which is incorruptible and untarnished by the difficulties of life.

There will always be work to be done, tasks to complete in this modern existence. And yet, through conscious effort, the eternal NOW is our constant companion. And sometimes we even get to experience tangerine rain!

Peace and light to each of my readers, no matter where on this earth you may spend your sunsets. We are all connected!