Terrain of the Heart

What do you think of when February rolls around? Traditional chocolates, hearts, friendships, lovers and romance usually leads the way. Gifts fly off store shelves and into welcoming arms of these expressions of sweet affection. Then the American Heart Association also beats the red drum of physical heart health… a worthy cause of invigorating this life force generator.

But there is much unknown about the unseen workings of the heart, with multifaceted terrain and perhaps even many yet undiscovered potentials of generating its own electromagnetic fields. The mind even offered feedback for managing heart rates and emotions. But what if the heart has the capacity to uplift the mind as well?

Lots of Little Hearts!

Spiritual traditions claim the sacred heart as a key to the heavenly realms. But in everyday life, that can feel like a distant ideal of the imagination; which if leaves me wondering… Does the heart serve a purpose beyond pumping blood or representing our relationships with others?

From the Troubadour bards of medieval Europe to the Songs of Solomon in the Old Testament, the eternal bond between lover and beloved, the soul and the divine, reminds us that those who walk the earth are never separated from Source…. that we are always connected to and nourished by a sacred vital life force in hidden ways IF … we are willing to listen to what the heart has to say. IF… we regularly tune in to that stillness the heart offers. IF… we surrender to the highest good in all situations.

After many decades of meditation and mental disciple, I am greatly enjoying exploration through the heart’s perspective. Oh, the mind is never left behind, but it’s learning to share bandwidth with this powerful aspect of my embodiment. Perhaps Valentines Day can be a day of discovery in unexplored territory, as I stake claim to a new wilderness within and harvest its vast resources to create a better world for us all.

Below, you will find a few musings on heart explorations beyond traditional Valentine themes… One just might touch your heart! Just click & enjoy! Happy Valentines Day!

Trust Your Heart, by Judy Collins

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


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Anchoring in the Heart by Georgia Jean

Jonathan Livingston Sea Gull by Neil Diamond

From a Distance by Bette Midler