Comfort & Joy

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Communion With the Ancients ~ Stonehenge

Somehow, time passes, leaving only fleeting particles of what we call memories to settle into our bones throughout the year. Yet, the days of the Solstice feel different. The three days (in the northern hemisphere) from Dec. 21st-24th holds a very special place in my heart. To me, this window of time is more than a turning point of the seasons or crunch time for finishing holiday tasks. It feels like a gateway linking the heart to some profound aspect of myself that deserves my attention.

These three days when the sun appears to ‘stand still holds magnificent potential for internal excavation. According to ancient wisdom of the Scythian Celts of prehistory, this time of year seemed so sacred that they built megalithic structures devoted to not just the alignment of the sun, such as Stonehenge, but ceremonial chambers throughout Scotland. Most of these structures also align to the appearance of the constellation of Orion, the great hunter in the sky.

Why Orion? I cannot speak to the science, but leave that to others who have devoted their lives to researching this topic. However, I no longer dismiss my own personal emotional connections to Orion and the Solstice, which turn out to feature as some of my earliest childhood memories. Back when children were allowed to ride untethered in vehicles, I laid under the rear window, gazing awestruck into the winter night sky at the star configuration of Orion. As a very young child, I remember simultaneously experiencing an odd yearning for home, not of this earth, and a deep love of all creation… As an adult, I see signs EVERYWHERE that we are all interconnected and that the shortest days of the year really DO bring us closer to PEACE, COMFORT, and JOY, if humanity only steps beyond the perception of separation.

So in the flow of Winter Solstice of 2022, let us remember the deep comfort and joy of the cosmos and that we are all riding the magic carpet together. PEACE in the HEART is the KEY to PEACE on EARTH. I also keep faith that the heart knows the way… the ‘HOW-to’ untangle the ego’s troubles, if only allowed to work its magic. I guess it’s an ongoing process, but this year, I choose LOVE, PEACE, COMFORT & JOY!