Trusting the Process

“Where the Rubber Meets the Road” is an adage that describes the test of putting a concept, plan or theory into action. I am sure that I am not alone in dealing with doubts, when it comes to implementing abstract notions about making the world a better place. And I admit that the distance between self help ‘how to’ and ‘job well done’ can turn into an abyss. But sometimes it actually does work out!

Over the past many months, we have encountered MANY personal property repairs and community restoration projects which have contributed to a certain kind of fatigue – noise, dust, inconveniences, time drain, communication challenges, congestion, safety awareness, close calls, financial considerations, as well as just plain old UNCERTAINTY. So when our lovely Sedona neighborhood board announced the need for replacing our asphalt roads, we just cheerfully rolled with the punches… until it became evident that our week in Sedona literally conjunct the days the paving contractor would be working on our little street.

Here, I hit an emotional wall, with worry about everything that my imagination could conjure surrounding disruptions in my otherwise lovely April quiet time. After meditating on how to calm myself, I decided to apply a technique coined by Georgia Jean centered around Love and Acceptance and Heart Alignment. I had been using this practice for several years now and it has helped in many areas. So I decided to surrender the part of myself that was in resistance to the fatigue of this noisy world and bring it into my heart.

I had decided to just put my head down and immerse my attention in my own world of writing. Then, I received a phone call from my across-the-street neighbor, saying, “You’re missing all the fun! Come on out!” To my surprise, we had front row view of a symphony of equipment working together like an orchestra- rollers, dump trucks, spreader, sweepers, and all sorts of electronics. We were witnessing artisans, as well as craftsmen, precisely executing their purposes in brilliant choreography. It was incredibly inspiring. I mean, how many of us have the privilege of such first hand up close action?
As I stood in the shade enjoying the show just a few feet away from the shimmering hot street, it suddenly dawned on me that, this remarkable experience was the result of my trusting the process and trusting the process instead of worrying about all the ‘what ifs.’ I had freed my energy to create beautiful experiences and connect with the process. Same project, different personal experience… Wow… now THAT gives new meaning to “Where the Rubber Meets the Road.”

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