The Squire

The Squire An Excerpt from The Häling and the Scottish Templars  A rising gibbous moon peered through thin veils of clouds in the indigo twilight sky. Sir Theobaud de Cherney, waited impatiently. For the first time, he realized the blood smeared across the breastplate of his leather armor, his blood and doubtless the blood of many less fortunate than himself.  Prior…

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My Templar Way Pt 4

PART 4 continued from PART 3 Flying over the Alps, destined for Klagenfurt Austria, those strange stirrings I had felt in Scotland returned. It was a resonance that I would grow very fond of in my many flights to meetings. I only knew that I was happy and grateful! The plane landed in the midst…

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My Templar Way Pt 3

Continued from PART 2 All was not lost because one day, I met Brother Jim, a Rosslyn Chapel docent with an encyclopedic knowledge of the Chapel. Jim and his wife became my dear friends. They supported my quest and offered their hospitality so that I could test the waters with a meeting of the Sauniere…

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My Templar Way

‘My Templar Way’  By Linda Berthelsen, RTO, KTFA, GPTFA First published in Templar History Magazine, 2008 ~ Adapted 2018“ For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21 Long before Dan Brown opened Pandora’s box of Rosslyn Chapel mania, I was a devotee of its mysteries and symbols. My heart knew…

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Timeless Mythology ~ What to Read After Watching Avengers: Infinity War

Recently I was reading Daniel McCoy’s  GREAT new book “The Viking Spirit” and his website which is filled with interesting explorations of Norse mythology. I was also in the process of writing a book review, when my husband invited me to go to the movies to see “Avengers: Infinity War.” So I set aside my work…

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1996 ~ Scotland

ON THE FLYING SCOTSMAN TRAIN from London to Edinburgh in late June, there was never a dull moment with the church choir I was traveling with… especially on the train. I on the other hand was more introverted and easily drawn to the passing scenery. The further north the train chugged, the lighter my heart…

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My Templar Way ~ Pt 2

Continued from PART 1 Soon after I returned from Eastern Europe in 1994, I traveled to Philadelphia, PA and toured the Masonic Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, which just “happened” to be located three blocks from my hotel. I did not know what a Grand Lodge was, nor did I have a clue as to its…

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The Elephant in the Room

What do you think of when someone says “There’s an elephant in the room”? What does it describe?  Is it the feeling that there is something left unsaid or that there is blockage in the conversation flow due to unresolved issues? Does it stop the flow of communication? Or more importantly, does it block the…

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Soutra Aisle, Augustinian, Hospital.
Soutra Aisle, Scotland, UK is now only a shadow of its former glory. Once a medieval hospital located along the Roman road running between London And Edinburgh.
An Excerpt from the Häling and the Scottish Templars

Where wounded Templars seek refuge from fighting at the Battle of Dunbar.

Friar Mungo’s chin snapped forward with a start, as he woke from a most un-Christian dream. Snorting to clear his sinuses, he braced his hunched back against a jagged boulder, ready to doze again in spite of the biting chill. Highland cattle grazed along the windblown hillside. Faint thunder caught his attention…


A Remote Yet Relevant Time

Today’s readers need their literature to be relevant, and rightly so! I am often asked why did I choose such a seemingly remote time and place for a story. And the answer is fairly simple…. because the story  is relevant to present times. History may not be repeating itself, but there are definite echoes of…

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