Soutra Aisle, Augustinian, Hospital.
Soutra Aisle, Scotland, UK is now only a shadow of its former glory. Once a medieval hospital located along the Roman road running between London And Edinburgh.
An Excerpt from the Häling and the Scottish Templars

Where wounded Templars seek refuge from fighting at the Battle of Dunbar.

Friar Mungo’s chin snapped forward with a start, as he woke from a most un-Christian dream. Snorting to clear his sinuses, he braced his hunched back against a jagged boulder, ready to doze again in spite of the biting chill. Highland cattle grazed along the windblown hillside. Faint thunder caught his attention…


Confessions of a Red Rock Recluse

I can hardly believe that forty +  years have flown by since I first set foot in Northern Arizona in 1976. My husband Spencer and I were driving west along Route 66  from Texas. He drove a tiny U-Haul truck and I drove my pumpkin orange VW Beetle toward our new home in San Diego.…

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