“Voyage of the Templar Guardians” Cast of Characters

Here are links to: “Häling and the Scottish Templars” & “Voyage of the Templar Guardians“ For those who have interest in reading more, here we go! Book Two Cast of Characters Character designated (H) as historical figures were contemporary of the Häling narrative.   But all Häling characters and their personalities were purely fictional. The…

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One Feeling is Worth 1,000 Thoughts

People have often asked me about my writing process and how do I go about writing my stories. My creativity arises from feelings. At first, I play with thoughts and ideas with no worries for practical… for the pure joy and exploration of it. And I do this because it unlocks doorways within my imagination…

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The Häling Templar Web

The region where the southern reaches of medieval Scotland bordered England’s Northumbria was generally defined by the River Tweed. Not only was it a primary water source, but its flow carried commerce of all sorts and fed the population with some of the world’s finest salmon. Life depended upon its eastward flow, emptying into the North…

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History Behind the Häling

L.S.Berthelsen’s Scotland; THEN & NOW For many, Scotland is not just a place to visit, filled with magical tourist spots. It is a feeling, a mindset, and indeed, a state of mind. And while I am no expert on Scotland or a anything Scottish, I am certain of my own experiences and how they influenced…

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Visionary Fiction Alliance

It is with great pleasure that I recommend a website that just came into my awareness. The Visionary Fiction Alliance! For many years, I devoured books and movies that dealt with transformation of consciousness, sifting through a lot of chaff to reach the kernel that resonated inside me that rarely saw the light of day.…

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The Elephant in the Room

What do you think of when someone says “There’s an elephant in the room”? What does it describe?  Is it the feeling that there is something left unsaid or that there is blockage in the conversation flow due to unresolved issues? Does it stop the flow of communication? Or more importantly, does it block the…

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Soutra Aisle, Augustinian, Hospital.
Soutra Aisle, Scotland, UK is now only a shadow of its former glory. Once a medieval hospital located along the Roman road running between London And Edinburgh.
An Excerpt from the Häling and the Scottish Templars

Where wounded Templars seek refuge from fighting at the Battle of Dunbar.

Friar Mungo’s chin snapped forward with a start, as he woke from a most un-Christian dream. Snorting to clear his sinuses, he braced his hunched back against a jagged boulder, ready to doze again in spite of the biting chill. Highland cattle grazed along the windblown hillside. Faint thunder caught his attention…


1994 – My Templar Beginnings

  Before I leap into telling my Templar stories, (& there are many…) I must level with you about what brought me to such an unusual passion. It was not because I discovered some family lineage directly connecting me to the documented original Templars. It was not because I had a Ph.D. in medieval history,…

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