The Temple Chronicles by L.S. Berthelsen

cropped-bigstock-knight-370942631-e14514270207301.jpgA Mystic Medieval Templar Saga

Sometimes history is stranger than fantasy – especially when both hold kernels of truth! The Temple Chronicles weaves a story rooted in historic places and medieval folklore of Templars, their families, war, and travel.

Welcome to the Temple Chronicles, which is a medieval saga, set in the year 1296 AD, at the beginning of the Scottish War of Independence. It is historic fiction sprinkled with the magic legends are made of!  

In a race against time to evade being caught up in the war with King Edward, the Dalrymple family must sacrifice all to protect the sacred treasures known as the Häling.  The saga soon carries young Adam and Hannah de Dalrymple beyond Scottish shores. They find themselves immersed in the mysterious world of Templar strongholds that span the continent of Europe. In a time when adolescence once brought full responsibilities of adulthood, Adam and Hannah not only come of age but ultimately assume their place within a family, where secrets run deeper than they could ever imagine.

A note about this series: Some say there is no place for fantasy in historic fiction. But I say that fantasy works best with grounding in the relative world of recorded history. If there be some kernel of truth in myth, then perhaps we can learn more of our true selves by exploring the shadowy space between history and fantasy – for imagination is a function of both. Come! Cross the threshold into the history of these glorious places and feel them come to life.

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